Ground Balls Win Games

What separates the winners from the losers.  Drive, talent, and luck.  So what separates the successful from the super successful?  If you are playing in a field with the best of the best and under the assumption that everybody is driven and highly talented what separates the gamechangers from the others.

Ground Balls Win Games.  It is the person that hustles for everything, that moves now instead of tomorrow, that goes after everything possible under the sun in order to one day own the sun.  In baseball their are many groundballs that are impossible.  Most players let the impossible ones go and give their best on the difficult but achievable ones.  However, it is the Derek Jeters who jump 3 rows into the stands for the impossible foul ball, bloody and bruised, but scoring a vital playoff victory.

Ground Balls Win Games is also seen in many people who usually from nothing became industry leaders.  Once they say something you always know it is done, not in days or weeks but hours.  An easy way to spot these GBWG people is in business.  People who send quick replies with quick action oriented statements are GBWG people.

I have 2 recent examples.  When I have certain questions I email with somebody in Silicon Valley who founded the first major Silicon Valley law firm, is on the board of many of the legendary valley companies,  and was a close advisor to Steve Jobs.  You would think somebody of such stature would have so much on his plate that it would take awhile to hear back.  The average time (I counted) to hear back from this guy was 52 minutes.  Compare that to average response for the average person you work with.

Second example centers around a prolific VC who is not only highly visible but is also one of the most sought after people in the industry.  I send an email and within a few hours I hear back.

I know neither person professionally or informally.  Both people are examples of Ground Balls Win Games.  Both people are Jeter’s of their respective industry.  GBWG does not separeate winners from loosers, it seperates the cream of the crop, the leaders from the followers.