Self Motivation-3

Have not been hitting goals lately.  Last three weeks, I am already down $100 for not hitting goals.  Have not created any ridiculous goals, all doable.  What to do?  I have been experimenting with negative consequences for missing targets.

However, I am not in high school reporting to a principle so I am going to switch it up to positive reinforcement.  Also have been creating goals on a weekly basis, but sometimes it takes time to achieve them, so I will give myself until August 5th.

bold startups

If I can accomplish these goals, I will spring for Las Vegas Labor Day weekend. If I can accomplish 3 out of 4 it will be gametime decision.  If less than I am shit out of luck.

1) Completely competent front end engineering

2) Launch a company with paying customers

3) Redesign this website

4) Again focus on 1 good deed a week for anybody.