SEO Live: Self Motivation

I was just using Google Webmaster tools.  In Webmaster tools you can see search queries, impressions, and clicks back to your site.  I was able to see that “self motivation” was the most popular keyword on my site.  Over the last month 8,000 people have seen self motivation from legendarymoves on Google Search.  Although only 170 people have clicked on the link and visited legendarymoves .  The CTR (click through rate is 2%) which is 4X better than a well done display banner ad.  Difference is not only a higher CTR but of course search engine optimization is free and brings highly targeted users, not users who like bright images.

My hypothesis is that as I rise up on Google Search rankings for the keyword self motivation the higher the CTR will be and the more people will visit legendarymoves .  In addition it will be a great way to practice becoming a talented SEO guy.  Right now this is first result on Google Search for self Motivation . My goal is for legendarymoves to be a top 2 search result when Self Motivation is a keyword.  I have looked at Google Keywords tool and there is low competition for Self Motivation.  However, each month around 66,000 searches are done with the word “Self Motivation”.

Each week I will write a post on the steps that I have done to increase SEO for “self motivation” keyword.  I will also update you on what is working and what is not working.  I will be looking for some help from top SEO experts and will have them blog in legendarymoves as well.

Thoughts, ideas, tips?

  • The FarmFilder Rook

    Yo Danny!
    I’d give you some SEO tips, but before that i need to know:

    The result Google shows when you search “self motivation” features your home page? or it features a random post in your site? if its not the homepage, give me a link to the exact page Google is showing.