Startups and Corn Bread

Last night I was at Boston Market picking up dinner, the woman behind the counter was both extremely pushy and friendly.  I was in a good mood and I responded back to her friendliness.   After I made her laugh twice I asked her to hook me up with a bigger meal. They gave me double cornbread and almost double everything of standard portion.

On the other hand last January I was out in the Middle East in an incubator.  I wanted to meet an entrepreneur who was semi famous with big name investors and had a talented team behind him.  One day in the office, a friendly guy walks over to me and asks what I was working on.  I did not know the guy nor feel like speaking about what I was working on.  I gave him a one line response and went back to work.

Obviously as you can probably guess the entrepreneur who I wanted to speak to was the friendly guy.  I did not give him the time of day and almost blew my chances of speaking to him.  Was able to partially fix later with a phone call.

Both these stories taught me two items.  First being friendly almost always reaps returns and second you must ask for something, nobody will think to give it you (ie the double cornbread theory).