The Pyramid to Eternal Greatness: 3 essential traits

Eternal Greatness is not tremendous success or creating the next big thing.  Nor is it building the next great company.  Eternal Greatness is different from becoming a legend, because when you leave a company or a field the legend dies down, when you achieve eternal greatness your memory is immortalized in movies, textbooks, books, and through the masses of people you have effected.  Think Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, George Washington, Winston Chruchill, Henry Ford, FDR.

Here are 3 essential traits that all these people have in common:

1) Drive- Incredible drive where you can fit more into a day than most people can fit in a year. Nelson Mandela’s own bodyguards could not keep up with him even though Mandela was 70 plus years old.

2) Vision- Certain people can see one step ahead, others 3 steps ahead.   You can see 10 steps ahead.  Others think you are foolish because they see a few steps ahead, but instead of looking next week or next month you look 5 or 10 years from now. Steve Jobs dreamed of the Ipad in the early 1980s.

3) Leadership-The ability to not only drive but inspire thousands in order to carry out and execute your vision.

  • fredwilson

    that last one is so important.

  • Donna Brewington White

    Great list — boiled down to the essentials. I think drive is also a deep internal motivation to continue forward, to succeed.