Tuesday: Killer idea of the Week

Although there is much debate who will be the next Steve Jobs.  Most people point to  either Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.  Elon Musk former cofounder of Paypal, current founder of SpaceX,and Tesla.  Musk shoots for the moon, and is willing to risk everything to follow his gut.

On the other hand Bezos built Amazon from nothing into a worldwide ecommerce machine that has put many retail stores out of business and is about to put another one out of business. Bezos can be considered the father of ecommerce.  Bezos style is different from Musk’s.  Bezos is more methodical, data driven, and all about solving real world problems for the average consumer.

Today’s killer idea of the week goes to Bezos.  A patent he filed for back in 2010 has been made public.  An airbag for cellphones.  Genius. The mobile phone thanks to Steve Jobs has quickly turned into the center of people’s digital lives.  Consumers spend billions on cases.  Consumers spend billions more on insurance.  An airbag would be an simple practical solution that would completely disrupt a major market that is central to consumers lives.

Jeff Bezos just killing the game.  Well done.