Web 3.0 > 2020

Today is July 11th 2012.  We are now in the last phase of web 2.0.  Day 1 of web 3.0 starts January 1st 2014 and will not fully mature until 2020.

Web 2.0 was all about the social revolution.  Started by Jonathan Abrams founder of Friendster, brought to the next level by Myspace, and brilliantly executed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  The social revolution has fully transformed our daily lives from social interactions with friends, marketing, commerce, and most importantly politics.  Four governments have been toppled by the social revolution: Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya.

Although not yet (in a major way), soon you will hear about web 3.0 .  Plenty of people will argue about what web 3.0 is.  Some people state that web 3.0 will be the semantic web with massive amounts of data analyzed to transform the world wide web into the web of me.  Everything will be tailored to the exact preference for the individual.  Search will be transformed and recommendations will be so accurate that you will rarely need to search.  When you do search instead of keywords and PageRank, everything will be based on all the data about you, your friends, and social preferences.

I disagree with the latter semantic web 3.0 theory.  I think it will just be an early start.

Starting in mid 2014 Google Glasses (and its many competitors) will begin to be taken up in mass by early adopters and celebrities.  I have seen version one which will come out in 2013.  Although with smartphones we are now connected to the Internet 24/7 that will serve as an intro to having our physical bodies connected to the web.

Web 3.0 through the use of hardware and software will finally merge the metaphysical and physical spaces.  The days of Googling somebody before/after you meet them will be over.  Just by looking at random people, you will already know there life story and if you have any mutual friends. You will be able to go into a store look at products and automatically see price comparisons with nearby stores.  You will just by looking at a car, see history reviews and gas mileage.

In 2020 everybody will be fully connected to the Internet and each other.