Web 3.0: Idea of the Week

Entrepreneurial idea of the week.  Earlier post I mentioned that web 3.0 will center around the convergence of the offline and online through items such as the Google Glasses and other competitors.  What I failed to mention is another offline innovation that has in the past received great attention: 3d printing.

3d printing future centers around any consumer having the ability to print 3d (actual) items ranging from medical pills to sneakers and anything in between.  We are not so far off and now startups are starting to begin to actually create 3d printing centers. We are still far off from consumers waking up and printing items instead of going to Best Buy or even better going to their computer and ordering via Amazon.

My idea of the week centers around taking advantage of this middle period.  Customized website where anybody can design and create items in there browser.  We will price it, print it and ship it.  Once we have final product printed, we will take pictures of it and put it out to a wider community which will be responsible for curating the product.  The best products as decide by the community will rise to the top of the list and everybody will be able to purchase via the website.  All printing will be done through 3d printer and as we can buy supplies in mass price will be lowered due to economies of scale.  Think of it as a kickstarter for the masses where we the company complete the production and shipping.

Example: A sports shoe fanatic designs his ultimate basketball sneaker.  We 3d print it and ship it to him at a cost of $150.  We put the produced item up in sneaker category.  If the community likes it, they upvote it and buy the item.  More people buy, cheaper the sneakers and if it hits a certain amount it would go live inside partner stores such as Amazon, Foot Locker, Macys, etc.

Designed and Decided by the Community built in America.